• Microsoft President Brad Smith calls for more regulation of artificial intelligence (AI).
• He proposes a 5-point blueprint for governing AI.
• The private sector has a role to play as well, including obtaining licenses and sharing results of ongoing operations with the government.

Microsoft Urges Governments to Step Up Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft President Brad Smith has called for increased regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), describing it as “the most consequential” technology advance in our lifetime. He proposed a five-point blueprint that would bring together the public and private sectors to ensure that AI serves society as a whole.

Private Sector Role in Controlling AI Development

Smith noted that the private sector has an important role to play in controlling AI development, including obtaining licenses when working on advanced models and sharing results with governments if unexpected issues arise. Microsoft itself is one of OpenAI’s owners, having invested $13 billion in backing OpenAI and integrating its ChatGPT into Bing search engine.

Open Letter Asks Governments To „Pause Giant AI Experiments“

The call from Smith comes after over 1,100 industry insiders signed an open letter asking governments to pause giant AI experiments due to the risks they pose to society and humanity. The experts also urged governments to cooperate with each other when regulating these technologies.

„Governments Need To Move Faster“„People Are Looking For Ideas“
Microsoft’s Brad Smith Calls for AI Regulation: ‚Government Needs to Move Faster‘